Autor-Paola Mañogil Torregrosa

How can creativity benefit from engineering? I’m a living answer to that question.

4 years ago, my university life took off with Aerospace Engineering, to land a year later in Advertising and Digital Communication. During the flight, I saw how far -and high- we can get by looking at reality from a scientific approach. I was amazed by how the shape of an object can make it powerful: it can make it fly. But it also needs an engine that propels the object forward.

At that moment, my mind had a defined shape -a technical one-, but it lacked the engine: I craved for creative freedom. That’s why I landed in the Advertising field: to create pragmatic and original ideas that will solve problems or satisfy needs through the accuracy and structured vision that engineering taught me. I learned that for a plane to fly, it needs a rational configuration, in the same way that we need to analyse and structure reality in order to make our ideas, our projects, our dreams, tangible.

That’s who I am; that’s how I work. And right now, I’m on my way to making such symbiosis possible, hopefully in the fashion industry.

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