Autor-Paula Carrillo

My name is Paula Carrillo and I study Digital Communication with Advertising and Public Relations. I am 20 years old and I currently live in Madrid, Spain; but I spent the scholar year of 2016-17 in San Diego, California. I have worked as an event hostess for three years now, and I have a C1 English certificate level.
My biggest hobbies are two: art and travelling. I especially love plastic and audiovisual arts, which I’ve been practicing for more than 10 years; and learning from different cultures is what I most value and chase when travelling. That is why my ideal job is that which combines both of these fields. I want to bring ideas to life from every part of the world by emerging different artistic principles and the culture of the country I am working for, creating unique and harmonious designs that fit the ideas of the client I am working for, no matter where they are from.
I am a very empathetic person, which allows me to really get to know my client and their goals, creating an unique and personal message that completely fits their initial idea. Plus, I am also very responsible and detallistic, that is why I tend to make everything I am working on as good as possible.

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