9 Revolutionary new digital innovations in Advertising

Map of Digital Innovations in Advertising
Map of Digital Innovations in Advertising

The technological revolution and AI are drastically changing societies. They are increasing the potential of jobs, such as advertising, and simultaneously raising new ethical questions. To keep track of them all and be aware of the impact they are having, it is important to be constantly educating ourselves. Every day, thousands of digital innovations are brought to the world but lost between so much information. That is why, to simplify your life, I created an interactive map in which you will find 9 of these great discoveries that are transforming advertising in every single way. Click in each region to teleport and discover them!

Just stop for a second and think about how life was 30 years ago, isn’t it crazy how the world has changed thanks to technology? Since the invention of the Internet, we no longer talk, act and think like we did before. In just a few years, we have developed apps that connect the whole world in a tiny screen, new ways of getting to places, unlimited pages of information at a distance of a click, etc.

As time goes by, new digital innovations keep appearing, like the crazy ones we have already seen. The Internet is no longer the protagonist of this story, as now all eyes are on the new revolution, Artificial Intelligence. Even though this science has been around for some time already, it is now when new AI-based techniques and inventions are being applied to every single field of society. One of which is being most revolutionized by AI is advertising, the one I will be talking about.

Digital innovations for advertising

I am sure you have seen how different advertising is from how it was 30 years ago, or even 15. Not so long ago, advertising agencies will complicate our lives instead of making them easier. At the beginning, they did not really care about what our needs or desires were. What is more, if we had any valuable feedback to give them, they would avoid it or nod without listening.

Well, great news! The technological revolution has also helped to change the advertising world. Right now, companies live for the user’s needs, desires and, among all, their opinions. All the new tools the Internet has brought has allowed advertisers to take care of all users individually, and even more with these new digital innovations. We are no longer an homogeneous mass with common needs, but unique individuals with goals, ideas and values that advertisers are willing to listen to.

The new technologies have then allowed companies to offer a more personalized service, to improve the user’s experience and to listen to their words. What is more, we even have new generations of consumers that are drastically changing the consumption habits, they are called the Centennials. These are the generations born after the 2000, who have completely changed the shopping habits and do no longer feel attracted to conventional shops, but to those which get creative and fill their stores with digital innovations, such as AR mirrors!

However, as we have seen, the technological revolution doesn’t ever stop, and thanks to AI these experiences are improving even more. But we must be careful and also have in mind all the ethical questions these technologies are rising. That is why it is very important to be constantly learning about them and critically analyze whether they are making us evolve in the right path or not. So, either to learn about the amazing things digital innovations are doing, or the ethical questions they are creating, we should be always with our eyes wide open!

As time goes by, more and more digital innovations are created in every single part of the world. As you have seen, all of them will (and already are) revolutionizing the advertising world forever. So, if the field has changed so much in the last years thanks to the internet, can you imagine how it would look like in the future if all these digital innovations are massively applied?

Never stop discovering…

In order to be as updated as possible in this ever-changing world, we should always try to investigate globally, not locally. If we all did this, we would be able to learn about the digital innovations that are taking place even in the most hidden places, helping us evolve in a much faster and creative way! Also, only by deeply educating ourselves, will we learn to identify which AI-based digital innovations are masterpieces for the advertising field, or which are crossing the human line. In other words, education will help us to better use these technologies and avoid what is known as the ‘Artificial Intelligence Dystopia’.

These are just a few examples of what is globally happening in the development of the advertising field, but there are many more inventions being created at this very moment…

Acerca del autor

Paula Carrillo

My name is Paula Carrillo and I study Digital Communication with Advertising and Public Relations. I am 20 years old and I currently live in Madrid, Spain; but I spent the scholar year of 2016-17 in San Diego, California. I have worked as an event hostess for three years now, and I have a C1 English certificate level.
My biggest hobbies are two: art and travelling. I especially love plastic and audiovisual arts, which I’ve been practicing for more than 10 years; and learning from different cultures is what I most value and chase when travelling. That is why my ideal job is that which combines both of these fields. I want to bring ideas to life from every part of the world by emerging different artistic principles and the culture of the country I am working for, creating unique and harmonious designs that fit the ideas of the client I am working for, no matter where they are from.
I am a very empathetic person, which allows me to really get to know my client and their goals, creating an unique and personal message that completely fits their initial idea. Plus, I am also very responsible and detallistic, that is why I tend to make everything I am working on as good as possible.

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