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6 tips for increasing engagement on TikTok [Download FREE templates]

Tips for increasing engagement on TikTok
Tips for increasing engagement on TikTok

How can a brand create engagement through digital marketing strategies on TikTok? In the last few years, TikTok has emerged as a very effective platform for digital marketing, getting the attention of millions of users worldwide. It now represents an amazing opportunity for a brand to easily engage with a vast audience through creative and authentic content.

Leveraging TikTok’s unique features and user engagement, a brand can effectively promote its products or services and easily reach its target audience, boosting its visibility, enhancing its brand awareness, and driving conversions. But how are they concretely doing it? We have outlined a few digital marketing strategies for you that have worked best over time.

How To Create More Engagement on TikTok

Tips for increasing the engagement on TIkTok

1) Using Specific And Engaging Content

TikTok is not just a new social network, it’s a new way for online expression. This means that you can’t use the same content used for your other social media. To succeed on the platform, brands should focus on creating original and engaging content that aligns with their target audience’s interests.

TikTok is all about sounds and videos and most people generally use it to watch short, comedy clips or videos set to catchy songs. As a result, it is an exceedingly informal platform, meaning that the best way to succeed is to put aside your professional appearance and get “silly” for it. Develop creative concepts, leverage popular trends, and encourage user participation to maximize engagement and build a strong brand presence.

2) Through TikTok Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with popular TikTok influencers can significantly expand a brand’s reach and credibility. TikTok has emerged as a hotspot for influencer marketing. A recent study shows that influencers on TikTok have an engagement rate of 17.96%, while the same figures for Instagram and YouTube stand at 3.86% and 1.63%, respectively.

The platform has even created its own influencers, whose content varies from comedy to dance, singing, makeup, and other forms of entertainment. They often partner with a brand on TikTok to create fun, engaging video content based on their “style” of videos, spreading the word about that brand. Besides, it also provides the brand with user-generated content to share on its own social media channels.

By identifying the most suitable influencers for your products, whose content and audience align with your brand’s values and objectives, brands are able to achieve higher engagement and grow faster.

3) Creating Branded Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are a powerful tool on TikTok for your digital marketing strategies because they boost brand visibility and user engagement.

As a matter of fact, branded hashtag challenges are particularly effective because, unlike in-feed ads or brand takeovers, they give users an opportunity to be creative and express themselves. This helps the brand create a valuable connection between itself and the audience.

Businesses create unique challenges related to their brand, encouraging TikTok users to participate and create content around the given hashtag. This strategy generates user-generated content, spreading brand awareness organically and increasing the chances of content going viral.

These challenges appear on TikTok’s Discover page. When users click on one of the hashtags, they’re directed to a branded landing page that provides information about the challenge, the brand’s website link, and content from TikTokers who have already participated.

4) With Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of advertising that seamlessly integrates promotional content within the context of the platform where it appears. Its aim is to blend in with the surrounding content, often mimicking the style and format of the platform’s editorial or user-generated content. Because of their less intrusive nature, native ads can generate more engagement, making the digital marketing strategy used even more effective.

To ensure successful native advertising and more engagement, it is crucial for the brand to create visually appealing and engaging content that resonates with TikTok’s user base.

This kind of ad also has several benefits: it improves the user experience, making the content more likely to be viewed and generating that way a higher engagement thanks to the matching style of the ad and the platform, it enhances credibility and it also increases the reach, as it has more potential to go viral and reach a wider audience beyond the initial target group, providing additional exposure and brand visibility.

5) Building User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns

User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns are about encouraging content created by users in which they show their experiences and creative expressions related to the brand. It is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies and it bases its power on using user-generated content to promote a brand and build a sense of community.

To run a successful UGC campaign, brands need to establish clear guidelines and incentives for users to participate, such as contests, giveaways or simply creating a platform for users to showcase their content.

Overall, UGC campaigns are popular for increasing user engagement, making users active participants in the campaign. They also improve the authenticity and trust of the brand content, amplifying its reach and virality as well. Indeed, users sharing the content with their own networks will help it reach more than the brand’s immediate audience.

6) Developing Branded Effects and Filters For User Engagement on TikTok

TikTok also provides a brand with the opportunity to create branded effects and filters, custom visual effects created to enhance TikTok user-generated content. By using Branded Effects, a brand can add its logo, slogan, or other visual elements to videos, creating a fun and immersive branded experience while enhancing brand recognition and generating a higher engagement, amplifying its customer reach.

However, it’s important for businesses to ensure that the effects are visually appealing, easy to use, and relevant to the TikTok community’s interests and preferences while maintaining the brand identity.

So How Can a Brand Achieve Engagement?

To sum up, a brand can leverage TikTok’s features and user engagement to drive successful digital marketing strategies. Through engaging content, influencers, branded challenges, native advertising, UGC campaigns, and branded effects. a brand can effectively promote its products or services. This way it can also enhance brand visibility and engage with its target audience on TikTok.

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