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Gifs in Photoshop: How to create them in an easy and simple way

How to create animated gifs in Photoshop
How to create animated gifs in Photoshop

Welcome everyone! In this video we are going to create animated Gifs in Photoshop in an easy and simple way so that we can obtain good quality content without having to make great efforts. There are multiple formats to learn how to make gifs in photoshop, for example through classes or blogs.  In this case we will get the most out of the video tutorial as it will allow us to learn in a visual and dynamic way.

Tutorial: how to create animated gifs in Adobe Photoshop

We start creating a new document. In this case the format we will use is going to be of 800×800 pixels because is the best size for creating gifs. 

How do we create them?

Once created the document we take our image, in this case, is in a png format that is easier as we don’t need the background of the picture. If you don’t have a png format you should take off the background of the image, as I’ve said. 

We are going to create different layers with the movement we want for the image. First we copy and paste the image and move it to the place we want it be. We want the motorcycle to move from the right to the left creating a movement for the motorcycle. 

In this case, we’ve created 12 layers with the movement of the motorcycle. Now we are going to take off the visibility of every single layer. When all the layers are without visibility we will create a checkered line, also known as línea de cuadros. 

To create the movement we are going to add layer by layer to the layer with visibility, only in the elements we want to see in the fragment. We will put the first layer with the first layer of the timeline, the second layer with the second layer of the timeline and so on. 

Once the movement is created we can change the movement’s speed, for example to 0.1 second speed or 0.2, or even more seconds speed. The ideal in this case will be 0.1. 

How do we export gifs in photoshop?

The final step is exporting the gif. We have to export it with the option of save for web because this will be the format of the gif. There are different options for the color. You can also put a halo, a white one, a black one, a colorful one… In this case we will choose no halo, we will save it in our computer and we will finally have our gif.

In this way we can make a large number of gifs in Photoshop in an easy and simple way. We will only have to change the image to the one we want. The movement can also be changed to the one that best suits our needs. I hope this training video has helped you and that you can make as many gifs as creative as you want.

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