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The best free AI platforms for young students

The best AI platforms for young minds
The best AI platforms for young minds

If you’re a young mind seeking to explore the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re in for an exhilarating ride. The aim of this article is to introduce you to the most exciting AI platforms for young students available today. 

Best IA platforms for student tasks and leisure time

  1. The first, and one of the most talked about in recent months is ChatGPT, the AI tool par excellence, this chatbot is adjusted with learning and is a great utility tool that can help in many fields. A curious fact about this platform is that it will not be able to help you with any related data in the last three years.
  2. In the second place we find Gamma, for those users who are interested in creating a website but are not trained in the field of programming, Gamma is a handy tool that will help you in the development of your own website, you just have to describe how you want it to be, main features, the organization of the pages, colors … and the page creates it for you.
  3. On the other hand, we find AgentGPT, which helps you in the elaboration of tasks by looking for all kinds of resources that will help you to complete them in the best way and find the best sources for the elaboration of your task.
  4. There are not only AI platforms that help you find all kinds of information, we also find artificial intelligence that serves for phone calls. Krisp is an app that helps you to cancel outside noises while you are on a call, a useful tool at times when you need absolute silence.
  5. Another very useful platform for those who do not know how to organize a trip, Tripnotes organizes a trip without the need to look for travel comparators or offers, a very useful tool that not everyone knows.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence can be a very useful tool in different areas of our daily lives that you did not know about. In case you do not know exactly what artificial intelligence is, here is another article that explains perfectly what it is and the revolution it represents.

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Irene Relucio

Universidad CEU San Pablo, doble grado en Publicidad, Relaciones Públicas y Comunicación Digital.

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