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6 capabilities and things AI can do and 6 abilities STILL only attributed to humans

Things AI can do that were considered entirely human
Things AI can do that were considered entirely human

Is AI going to cover all human fields? is there any limit for AI? There are interesting facts that AI covers and maybe you have not seen them before. In this article, we will discover 6 interesting things AI can do that were supposed to be undertaken only by human professionals.

AI vs Humans: Things AI can do
  1. Image and Object Recognition: AI can analyze images and recognize objects and patterns within them. This technology is used for facial recognition, security cameras, and even autonomous vehicles.
  2. Book things with your phone: The technology behind the new Google Assistant feature is called Google Duplex. Google Duplex, a fully automated system, can place calls on your behalf. Google says Duplex can comprehend “complex sentences, quick speeches, and long comments,” and they hope we’ll use it to book appointments and make bookings.
  3. Create marketing language that works better than that used by humans: Writing is one of the creative endeavors that has long been regarded to be beyond the capabilities of artificial intelligence. However, nowadays, there are several AI apps devoted to copywriting that act as advertisers or marketing professionals that generate really converting copies for ads and valuable content for users.
  4. Medical diagnosis: AI can evaluate medical data to assist in the diagnosis of diseases and disorders. Medical imaging, disease detection, and even tailored medicine use this technology.
  5. Predict what you like: Engines that generate recommendations using machine learning are among the most frequently utilized AI applications today. These engines get more adept at guessing which recommendations you will find helpful as they gather information about your habits.
  6. AI could understand you through natural Language Processing (NLP): The user experience for operating systems is already being redefined by gadgets like Google Home and Alexa.

AI could be the future, but there are other fields that are not conquered… Yet:

  • 1. Complex problem-solving 💭
  • 2. Common sense reasoning 🧠
  • 3. Creativity 🎨
  • 4. Emotional intelligence 🫀 + 🧠
  • 5. Autonomic decision 🗣️
  • 6. Intuition 🧐

What do you think about AI? Do you know any other applications of Artificial Intelligence that were entirely human months ago? Is Humans work going to be replaced by robots? Leave in the comments all the things AI can do!

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