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Web neutrality: The fight of the technological giants to preserve it

Web Neutrality
Web Neutrality

The Internet Association is made out of 40 big groups of technology of the web. Some of these participants and the most important ones are: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and Netflix. They all have the same main idea, which is to reverse the law that fulminates the web neutrality. This law was made by Barack Obama, who wanted to protect the technical structure of telecommunications.

In December 14th, of 2017, the US Government approved a law which put an end to the net neutrality in the US. With little opposition from Silicon Valley, it allows a new framework on the Internet that opened the door to charging for prioritizing services and applications.

Initiatives to restore web neutrality

The first initiative against the result was presented five days after, opening the ban to the samples of rejection for the end of the open internet. Republican Marsha Blackburn, who chairs the Communications and Technology Subcommittee of the House of Representatives, has unveiled the Open Internet Preservation Act, a bill that would restore two of the principles against web neutrality.

Specifically, this political initiative would prohibit Internet providers such as Verizon and Comcast from blocking or slowing the content of the pages. This measure has been one of the most criticized by public opinion and technology companies. If the Blackburn project was approved, one of the most important principles of net neutrality would be reinstated.

However, the first initiative against the FCC was not without criticism. The Open Internet Preservation Law would avoid certain practices but would allow others such as the ability of Internet providers to accelerate websites that give money in return.

Marsha Blackburn promised a “lightweight regulation for companies to invest and innovate” and pointed out in Variety that other pending issues can be addressed later. Despite good intentions, the bill was criticized by the Internet Association, which brings together several technology companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. “The proposal distributed does not meet the criteria for the basic protections of network neutrality,” said the president of the association, Michael Beckerman.

The controversy raised by the bill underscores that it will not be easy to find a solution to restore the neutrality of the network in the United States.

Protecting consumers

At the head of the coalition is Michael Beckerman, whose defense is based on “shielding the neutrality of the Network to protect consumers, startups and shareholders”. Beckerman believes that the new law harms the freedom and the foundational motive of the internet. The group plans to take legal action to stop the implementation of the regulations that the Republican government of Trump wants to impose. They are not expected to make a class action lawsuit, but will support those companies that take the step.

The announcement came at the opening of CES, the largest fair for consumer electronics. It came after Ajit Pai, the president of the Federal Telecommunications Commission (FCC), suspended his presence at the fair, alleging threats to him and his family.  The person in charge of Internet in the United States was before directive of Verizon, one of the great operators of the country.

In December, 2017, the FCC won the vote to dismantle the rules and protections of Obama’s time. It was designed so that all Internet traffic has an equitable treatment with special attention to prevent Internet provider companies from blocking access to content. The final vote was two votes against and three in favor.

The new pressure group ensures that they have committed themselves to continue fighting to maintain these protections of web neutrality. In order to activate your plan, it is necessary to present the revocation order of the previous law by the FCC in the Federal Register.

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