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    This branded content example was created by Telepizza last year as part of their strategy to improve their delivery service.

    Under the name “Humor a domicilio”, the initiative developed with El Terrat media services, offers customers the opportunity to take the recognized hall to their living room with famous comedians like Ernesto Sevilla.
    A contest on social media was conducted, were Telepizza fans fought to bring Ernesto Sevilla to their houses. The campaign was a finalist in the last edition of the Branducers Awards.


    Landing Page

    What is it?
    Unique web page on a website that directs users to take a specific action. It’s called a landing page because it is built to drive traffic to it via other online destinations such as an ad, a social post, a referral or a search listing.

    Which are its specific objectives?
    – Convert visits into leads through forms
    – Include a singular focus or value proposition
    – Provide enough information to attract and cover a topic

    Web design characteristics
    – Big headline that grabs the visitors attention
    – Relevant and impactful image
    – Lead form that captures visitors’ information
    – Action-oriented CTA
    – The overall design is simple and straight-to-the-point
    – Typically lives on the main website
    – Minimalistic approach

    Here’s an example of an effective landing page ⟶


    What is it?
    Website that serves a specific purpose independent of an organization’s primary website. It is typically temporary and has a high volume of specific information around the microsite theme

    Which are its specific objectives?
    – They work to widen the reach and target a narrower audience
    – Normally they focus on just one piece of the big business puzzle
    – Offer a more focused experience to move people towards a specific action

    Web design characteristics
    – Less is more
    – Easy to follow and understandable
    – Own email addresses, content, and social media
    – It can have its own domain name or be a subdomain of the main website

    Here’s an example of an effective microsite ⟶


    Previously, 360 marketing included a mix of all elements of marketing to arrive at an efficient campaign that would reach the customer. Today this has changed and this 360 wheel has been reduced to 6 degrees because we realized that many elements of the 360 wheel did not influence the consumer and could be changed to a reduced number of other more effective platforms such as social networks.

    But, what is the outcome of all this change? Is communication now more effective? The result of all these changes conclude in a whole new marketing angle, much narrower and, therefore, much more effective for the user.

Viendo 3 entradas - de la 1 a la 3 (de un total de 3)

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