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Top social media advantages for enhancing Gen Z creativity

Women taking photos of their meals for social media
Women taking photos of their meals for social media

Millennials or Gen Z use social media platforms mainly to entertain themselves, since for them it is a place to feel free and relieve boredom. All of this is possible because of the fact that social networks enhance creativity and, therefore, users create videos, take photos, do various projects, build small businesses, promote brands among many other things. Generation Z keeps up with people on social media, communicating their daily lives and sharing opinions with others around the world.

Nowadays, social media is thought to have a negative rather than a positive impact, but thanks to the world of digitization and social media, our lives have changed for the better. Many jobs have been created and both the younger and older generations now have the opportunity to unleash their talent and creativity around the world with just one click. Thanks to this, it has been possible to work from home in this pandemic and online content has been multiplied. Brands have used this impact to advertise their products and services in a newer way.

Social networks help in the creative process of young people since with all of this, they break their daily routine, see life differently and interact in a more creative way. All this is shown to a diverse audience in various social networks. This helps them to see things differently thus eliminating mental blocks, which helps to improve and promote creativity in this young generation.

Social media help the development of interpersonal skills

Several studies confirm that thanks to social media, young ones or the so-called generation Z, develop interpersonal skills. In addition they learn to communicate and create friendships outside their social circle.

It is important to learn about the audience you are going to address, since you are going to communicate with them and social media help to provide content with which they are really interested and want to interact, so their creativity becomes widespread if they are interested on certain topics.

A very popular social media app, called TikTok, has managed to display all kinds of creativity and imagination to millions of young users belonging to the generation Z. It is the sixth most downloaded application in the world. How do young people use it to promote new ideas? Easy. They create branded hashtag challenges based on a topic that they like and promote brands, thanks to their success and views in the videos. Many accounts do makeup tutorials for other users to be inspired and create similar ones.


¡Monster High! (Dc in the comments ☺️) #fyp #edit #monsterhigh #aesthetic #draculaura #frankiestein

♬ Yuselmi Medina – Y U S E

Haven’t seen a girl do this challenge yet🤔 Time to take over ladies😉 #fitness #challenge

♬ original sound – NaiHe

Was not expecting them to taste so good omg 11/10 😳 @yumpost 🤯 #cooking #baking #cookies #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #yummy

♬ original sound – everydaychiffon

But it is not only beauty, there are thousands of videos of all kinds of varieties that teach different creative things, like DIY’s, fitness techniques, cooking recipes and many others. All this in videos of 60 seconds or less. Generation Z use social media as a source of inspiration. Different applications include images, videos, animated GIFs, and sound tracks that inspires people and  helps them create new content that stands out. Likewise, young designers and artists, thanks to social networks, explore new ideas for new projects and are inspired in a positive and creative way.

Creativity on social media: a matter of brands

Brands have seen that Gen Z is having a very big impact on today’s society, as the world is gradually digitizing. Digital is no longer the future but the present.

Well-known young influencers are using social networks like TikTok, Instagram and even Twitter to educate other young people to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously. They create videos showing how they should wash properly their hands, hygiene measures and even personal experiences of how this pandemic affects their daily life. They balance the content with humor and information.

But social media no longer consists as many believe of sitting in front of a mobile or computer. Not anymore. Now dances are created that go viral like the “renegate dance challenge” that was even danced by the NBA players this year. With other social networks like Instagram and Snapchat, many young content creators create effects and filters that produce special effects. All of this is shared by millions of young users who share their most creative videos.

Uniqlo, a famous Japanese chain of clothing and accessories stores, launched the first multi-market campaign on the famous app TikTok in 2019, where it encouraged young participants to create videos of them wearing and showing their favorites pieces of the brand clothing with the hashtag #UTPlayYourWorld. This was very successful in the Gen Z as it was seen as a competition which goal was using their creativity as its best showing an innovative and different side. It had 700 million views worldwide, which was a total win for the brand. 

Social network enhance creativity in generation Z

To tie up, it is clear social media applications enhance creativity in generation Z as it has evolved throughout the years in a massive, innovative and creative way. Young generations no longer stay in a sofa watching a machine do all the work, instead, they have learned to use those methods and convert it into new ideas to invest money, do dances, learn and teach new languages, exercises and different routines. They share different skills such as makeup, exercise, talents and many other more. Brands have seen all potential this kids have and they have reach out to them in order to promote their products as social media applications is no longer the future but the present. 

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